COVID–19 emergency guidelines for pharmacists
Wednesday, March 25, 2020
by Pharmaceutical Association of Saint Lucia

The Pharmaceutical Association of St Lucia Inc (PASLInc.) is concerned with protecting our members and the public on ways to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

On Sunday, March 22, the Pharmacy Council informed all pharmacists of COVID-19 emergency guidelines. The guidelines take effect from Monday, March 23 and expire on Sunday, April 5. It allows pharmacists to dispense a 30-day supply of essential medicines for chronic conditions in cases where the pharmacist cannot reach the physician for refill authorization.

The patient must have a prescription on file at the pharmacy or a prescription in hand. This does not authorize prescriptions for controlled substances. The patients are asked to use the available services offered by the pharmacy i.e. WhatsApp or the drop off service.

The Pharmaceutical Association of Saint Lucia assures the public that its primary concern is the well-being of the patient.

Additional guidelines are below:

People with respiratory conditions are not allowed to come to any general Pharmacy. Please see the designated respiratory clinic for assistance.

  1. No more than three (3) clients are allowed for Pharmacy services at any one time. Clients should adhere to social distancing rules and keep at least 1meter/3ft apart.
  2. Emailed or WhatsApped prescriptions must be signed and stamped and be valid.
  3. Emailed or WhatsApped prescription pictures must be of the complete front and back of the prescription.
  4. Medicines can only be picked up on presentation of the valid original prescription.
  5. For chronic repeat prescriptions, no more than one (1) month supply should be dispensed with a valid prescription.
  6. Where a Pharmacy provides a Drop off box please provide the following with each prescription: a. Contact number b. Date of birth c. Address d. Full name e. Medicines and quantities required, not exceeding one month.


Ministry Officials

  • Hon. Stephenson King / Minister
  • Mr. Ivor Movelle Daniel / Permanent Secretary
  • Julian Barrymore Felicien / Deputy Permanent Secretary