Testing of construction materials for compliance to requisite standards

Category: Building/Construction
Office: Technical
Deadline Date: None
Processing Time: Varies
Phone: (758) 468-6328
Fee: None
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Process: A customer who wishes to have a sample of their material tested has to first visit the lab. An “A’ form will be filled out by the lab technician so the customer could proceed to pay for the service at the Accounts Department at the Ministry of Infrastructure. After the payment has been made, the sample will be analyzed / tested to check if it is within the specification limit. A report is then prepared for the customer indicating whether or not the specimen has met the required standards.
Requirements: None
Notes: For services which require more than one processing day, a 50 percent deposit must be paid and the other 50% is paid upon completion of testing. In some cases, regular customers are billed after the test is carried out. There are also instances where the lab technician is required to go out on site to test the material, which is done upon request.

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